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AFLAC Insurance

• TBS "Funniest Commercials of the Year" Show (Pigeon Rap)

• New York Festivals Outdoor, Bronze 

7 commercials for TV and YouTube pre-roll, plus web banners, social posts, ringtones, radio and a newsworthy 3-d billboard.

To capitalize on the success of the Pigeon spots, we gave him his own twitter page, and created do-it-yourself duck dances to share with friends.

Then we created Aflac dance ringtones that were downloaded 1000s of times.

West Coast Rap Ringtone
Club Ringtone
Banjos Ringtone

Then we pushed out GIFs across social media. Some went viral, showing up in GIF searches for dancing on Facebook Messenger and iPhone messages to this day.


In addition to winning at New York Festivals, this billboard caused a false alarm fire emergency that made the news. Much lolz.

This mini-campaign for small business drove home a small point: There's only one Aflac.

Small business radio = Small animals.

AFLAC - Amoeba
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