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I lead HCP Biktarvy, Descovy HIV, Iclusig & Pevonedistat oncology teams. I previously wrote and launched a Zostavax branded and unbranded campaign, a national TV, Radio, & print campaign for Celebrex, and worked on Humira, Zoloft, Symbicort, Lunesta, Brilinta, Bayer, Medical Advertising Hall of Fame, Hyacinth HIV Centers, Lyrica and Caduet. I pride myself on understanding the complex rules of pharma ads, so I know where the limits are. Then I try to push 'em. 

Bayer_Heart Bomb Layouts-July 2 2020_DIS
Bayer_Heart Bomb Layouts-July 2 2020_DEF
Bayer_Heart Bomb Layouts-July 2 2020_MOL
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Humira Rap - RADIO
Humira Country Song - RADIO
Celebrex Sexy Soul - RADIO
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