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• Apoquel national TV currently in production.

• 11 ads published in Lürzer's ARCHIVE online and magazine.

 Launched HTC campaigns for Biktarvy, Descovy, and Iclusig. 

• Launched DTC campaigns for Celebrex, Zostovax , Bayer, Hyacinth

• Pitched and won Pevonedistat (oncology), Zoloft, Celebrex, Lunesta, and Caduet.

Instagram, TV, print, physician and patient websites, IVA's, online convention experiences.


Bayer Aspirin (DTC)

Bayer_Heart Bomb Layouts-July 2 2020_DIS
Bayer_Heart Bomb Layouts-July 2 2020_DEF
Bayer_Heart Bomb Layouts-July 2 2020_MOL

Iclusig oncology (HCP)

Hyacinth HIV Centers (DTC)

MicrosoftTeams-image (4).png
MicrosoftTeams-image (2) copy.png

Medical Advertising Hall of Fame (call for entry) 

mahf mobile portfolio.jpg

Biktarvy HIV. (HCP)

Descovy HIV PrEP (HCP)

Zostavax Unbranded Shingles Prevention (DTC)

Humira HS Skin Condition (DTC)

Humira Rap - RADIO
Humira Country Song - RADIO
Celebrex Sexy Soul - RADIO
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