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• New York ADDY Awards, 2 Silver (MLK, Choose Sides)


Free speech is a politically dangerous subject, because some Americans  hide behind it for dubious reasons. I refused to work on certain approaches, and learned as I went along just how complicated the First Amendment can be.

Social media posts, NYT Magazine,  NYT Online, outdoor billboards, 360 social engagement campaign.

Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression ( F.I.R.E .)

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"Frederick Spich: A Social Media Experiment"

A ballsy four-step social engagement campaign to spur dialogue about free speech online and F.I.R.E.

1. Working with, Facebook, Instagram, and X (Twitter), we create a fictitious man's social media account, using a stock model.

2. Fred places ads on social media, news sites, and newspapers, defending himself against an unknown social comment he made, directing people to his social media.

3. Using faux accounts, we viciously attack Frederich Spich in comments, or defend his free speech, sharing posts to encourage engagement, adding links to F.I.R.E. What he said becomes a topic of debate as we seed different phrases attributed to him.

4. Finally,  "Fred Spich" is revealed as word play on "Free Speech". News outlets are sent a pre-packaged video outlining what FIRE did , and why, encouraging dialogue. Content is pushed out to collected emails and donors.

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